Download the white paper: Fifteen-minute balancing period - a threat or an opportunity?


Energy transition guide for energy managers.

Fifteen-minute trading schedule: significant risks and opportunities

The electricity market is in the middle of disruption. Renewable energy generation is pushing the prices down and shaking up the market dynamics. Trading focus is shifting from long term and day-ahead markets to intraday and real-time trading. These changes force large industrial energy consumers to take a critical look at their energy trading business processes. Relying on labor-heavy manual processes is like waiting for a ticking time bomb to explode, as the Nordic markets will move into a fifteen-minute balancing period in 2023.  

After reading this white paper you’ll learn: 

  • Fifteen-minute balancing period: what are the significant risks and opportunities?   
  • Three elements of successful energy optimisation   
  • How to build a future-proof energy trading process, including tools and competencies?  
  • Checklist to start the energy transition journey