Energy forecasting, optimisation, and trading for the energy sector

Our holistic Beyond Spot service empowers energy producers and retailers to modernise their energy management

The energy industry revolution is here. Now is the time to act.

The energy industry is in the middle of a disruption impacting energy producers, distributors, and retailers. Tightening sustainability goals and a more volatile electricity market pose challenges for energy operators and open new, lucrative opportunities. 

Your energy company needs modern processes and tools for forecasting, optimising, and trading electricity to succeed in the transitioning markets. We are here to help you succeed.


Forecast your energy production accurately with modern technology

Having real-time visibility of your energy production is critical. Outdated technologies often place a barrier to accurate forecasts and pose a financial risk. We provide you with a modern forecasting tool and help you integrate key data points such as weather data into your data models.

Maximise your cost efficiency by optimising your energy asset utilisation

Higher volatility in the electricity market and increasing renewable energy supply make energy asset management more challenging than ever. With the help of more accurate forecasts and integrated energy management software, we help you optimise your production from different energy assets. As a result, your energy assets will always be in optimal use. 

Generate new revenue streams from energy trading

By trading your energy flexibilities, you can tap into lucrative new revenue opportunities. We help to identify your energy flexibilities and then turn those into new revenue potential. Our energy management experts assist you in automating your energy trading processes.


The holistic Beyond Spot service combines the keys to successful energy management


Best-in-class software for energy management

Start using a modern forecasting, optimisation, and trading software, to which we can integrate your key data points.

Beyond Spot is a digital energy management process, which bases on a cloud-native SaaS platform utilising IoT technology. We built our solution together with the most advanced partners and our deep expertise from both industrial and energy processes are at your disposal.

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Energy experts advisory

Team up with our our energy management experts who proactively propose continuous improvements and best practices. Together we co-create a service tailored to the needs of your company.

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