• Energy excellence

Industrial energy excellence

Our energy management services help you to optimize energy use and to harness the higher profit potential. This is achieved through lean and active participation in the electricity market.


Efficiency and quality with energy management services for industrial users

Electricity prices are fluctuating more than before and causing higher price risks. This is due to changes in the energy market, the electrification of the energy system and the rise of renewable energy sources, such as weather-dependent wind and solar energy. At the same time, these changes are creating business opportunities for measures that even out the peaks in electricity supply and consumption. Our Industrial Energy Excellence service enables industrial energy users to optimize their energy consumption based on the prevailing electricity market situation and earn by adapting electricity consumption to match the grid stabilisation needs.

The Industrial Energy Excellence service allows you to develop your energy management to comply with future requirements and forecast your electricity consumption in real time. The service guarantees continuous energy use optimization and active participation in the electricity markets. This way, it also reduces electricity price risks.


Continuous optimization

The continuous optimization of energy consumption is a key element in our service. Combining data from the electricity market with the production data makes it possible to detect and utilize your full potential on the electricity market – long-term and short. All energy costs are optimized as a whole – including electricity, fuel, steam and heat – with no partial optimization.

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Trading on the most favourable markets

Our service enables savings through flexible energy consumption and energy management. You can adapt your electricity use to prevailing electricity prices and minimize your balancing energy risk by employing continuous forecasting and intraday trading. In addition, you can earn money by participating also in the reserve and balancing power markets. Trade is always made on the most favourable markets in relation to the prevailing situation.

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High-quality operations

For us, the quality of operations inherently involves the continuous development of everyday energy management and value creation through optimized energy consumption. Our know-how is based on long-term operational excellence development at our own factories – continuous development is part of our company culture and our industrial DNA. Our energy specialists, together with your process experts, help you to find the flexibility potential and the best market places for your flexibilities. We manage your energy optimization using top-tier cloud-based IT tools and help you to make energy optimization part of your daily routines. This enables electricity consumption forecast, for example, to be updated automatically around the clock.

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Minimized risks through forecasting

The balancing energy cost risk of an industrial electricity user is caused by the difference between electricity consumption forecast and the actual consumption. Sudden disturbances, such as machine failures, may cause major deviation from the forecasted electricity consumption. Automated real-time forecast supports wise decision making and minimizes risks. Continuous forecasts combined with real-time trade enables quick reactions if deviations are observed between consumption forecasts and actual consumption. By balancing these differences on the intraday markets, we can minimize the balancing energy cost risks.

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Service deployment

We have made the deployment of the Industrial Energy Excellence service as easy and quick as possible.


1. Discovery

Learn your potential, 2 weeks

2. Proof-of-concept

Prove your potential, 4 months

3. Implementation

Cash your potential, continuous