UPM Energy spurs industry to cut emissions and helps save energy costs

UPM Energy paves the way for a cleaner future

UPM Energy boosts combating climate change by increasing its production of emission-free electricity. It also underpins the transformation of the entire energy system through its production as the role of renewable wind and solar power grows.

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Maximize your energy efficiency to improve your business results and curb climate change.

UPM Energy spurs industry to cut emissions and helps save energy costs


UPM Energy is the second largest electricity producer in Finland. It generates low-emission electricity in its own and co-owned power plants. In addition, UPM Energy's operations include physical electricity and financial portfolio management as well as services to industrial electricity consumers and producers.


UPM Energy provides industrial electricity consumption and flexibility services to industrial consumers and other energy companies. Deep understanding of industrial consumption as well as efficient, low-emission electricity generation, offer the company a unique position in the marketplace.

In addition to UPM Energy Business Area, UPM Group also has power generation assets in other businesses. Combined heat and power plants (CHP) and small hydropower plants are located in paper, pulp, timber and plywood mill sites, and they are primarily serving the local mills. UPM Group's total generation capacity, including shares in other companies, is 2,800 MW.


Energy business

Electricity generation

UPM Energy generates electricity with own hydropower assets and owns shares in other electricity companies. Our total generation capacity is 1,400 MW. 

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Creating value in the energy market


Physical Portfolio Management

UPM Energy is an operator in the NordPool electricity market. We sell electricity and optimise our generation capacity to match the daily market need.

Financial Portfolio Management

UPM Energy operates in the financial markets with energy derivatives.


Market Analysis

Our energy market analysis team produces price forecasts and offers energy market intelligence to support electricity trading and consumption optimization.


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