Wind and solar energy are excellent renewable sources for generating clean electricity. As the second biggest electricity producer in Finland, UPM Energy wants to enable meeting the need of growing electricity demand. That is why we have started to explore developing wind and solar power projects in land areas owned by UPM-Kymmene.


Wind power is an important part of renewable energy production in Finland. Electricity generated from wind does not produce emissions into the air, soil, or water. As a domestic production method, wind power also strengthens Finland's self-sufficiency.

In addition to wind power, we also need solar energy. Finland has favorable conditions for harnessing solar energy. The bright summer compensates for the dark winters, and our cool climate makes solar panels efficient to use.

UPM has long been involved in green energy projects, and UPM Energy continues to work towards promoting the green transition. Therefore, we have explored the possibility of developing renewable energy projects across Eastern and Western Finland, primarily on land owned by UPM-Kymmene.


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