Bigger savings. New revenue streams. Less manual work. Greener operations.

The increasingly volatile energy market and spiking prices pose significant risks for your company. Volatility doesn't come with just risks, but also lucrative opportunities, but only for those well-prepared. Start harnessing the power of optimised energy management.


Beyond Spot briefly

See from the video how Beyond Spot offers you significant benefits to save money and streamline your business.


Benefit from optimised energy management in more ways than just lower energy bills

Act for the planet

Being energy-efficient isn't going to just benefit your company. Large energy consumers play a crucial role in mitigating climate change.

Forecast your consumption accurately

Mitigate energy and cost risks with automated real-time forecasts. Get full visibility of your changing energy needs.

Generate revenue from trading

Increase your profits with energy trading. We will make trading flexibilities in energy balancing and energy reserve markets effortless for you.

Lower your energy costs

Acquire energy at a minimum cost. Optimizing your production processes will result to a lower energy usage and lower energy prices.