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Beyond Spot

An innovative energy management service for industrial businesses. We help you uncover energy savings and revenue potential by digitalising, automating and optimising your energy management system.


Thrive in the transitioning energy market with the right partner

We merge our industrial background with our energy management expertise to help industrial businesses rewire their organisations with a new more efficient and connected energy management model.

Start optimising your energy in partnership with UPM Energy with three simple steps:

Forecast your consumption accurately

Discover your energy savings and revenue potential in 1 month

Lower your energy costs

Prove your potential and get first results in 6 months

Generate revenue from trading

Reach your full potential on the energy markets continuously

What our Beyond Spot service has to offer

Together we discover your energy flexibility and cost savings potential and actions required to reach them.

We help integrate your production automation systems to energy markets, enabling real-time forecasts and trading based on your changing energy needs.

We support implementing a full-scale energy optimisation process: including forecasting, adapting energy usage based on flexibilities and selling flexibilities in balancing and intraday markets.

Start your energy transition journey

Get the most from your savings potentials and take your energy management to the next level. 


Included all throughout your journey with us

  • Holistic approach to redesigning your energy process
  • Experienced partner who understands energy markets combined with industrial processes
  • Working in sprints to ensure fast learnings and earnings
  • Best-in-class energy optimisation and trading software
  • Co-creation and support during the service lifecycle
  • Human-centric collaboration method

Let's start your journey!


Build fundamentals

From reactive to proactive. Save time and money with automation by combining power markets with industrial processes


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What you get

  • Minimised energy costs
  • Pre-study and report including the identification of flexibilities and streamlining workflows
  • Direct and continuous two-way link from assets to energy markets
  • Back-office services

Best for:
Companies thinking about benefiting from the energy transition

Add value

Make data-driven decisions and future-proof your business 


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What you get

  • Adding value creation with day-ahead trading, intraday trading (market access), and reserves

  • Scaling the benefits to the rest of the trading value chain

  • Best practices roll-out in multiple sites

  • Crunch data and use insights to make data-driven business decisions

  • Further development of energy processes

  • Embrace 15 min trading and leverage the power of data to be always prepared for market volatility

Best for:
Companies aware of their trading potential and want to benefit from it. 


Be a forerunner. Harness data sources and platform 


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What you get

  • Launchpad for utilising renewable energy, reaching compliance, and tackling the climate change challenges

  • Redesign of your energy components from supply chain to production process

  • Fully optimised energy processes, forecasts, and trading

  • Data-driven and automated industrial processes

  • Advanced integrations: 2nd and 3rd party data, APIs

  • Utilise benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Benefit from utilisation of wind PPA and batteries

  • Improved transparency to sustainability reporting

  • Readiness for increased requirement of non-financial information (for financing)

Best for:
Companies with a trading baseline wanting to optimise to the fullest potential.


Ready to identify the savings and earnings possibilities on your business? We’re happy to help.


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