Growing the use of renewables and achieving economic efficiency - a case from Germany

Other news 9.3.2021 0:00 EET

The energy transition and climate goals force companies to rethink their energy operations. An article by Süddeutsche Zeitung reveals how to reach ecological and economic efficiency. 

For large industrial players, energy costs are a major cost and contributor to ecological footprint. The increase in renewable energy sources has a remarkable impact on the volatility of energy supply and prices. For large energy consumers, this volatility poses significant financial risks but also opens lucrative new opportunities.   

In November 2020, the Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote an article about how the greater Augsburg area in Southern Germany is buzzing with energy transition research. The focus is on finding techniques for adapting energy consumption to the fluctuating supply. While most large industrial players are just waking up to the energy transition, some are already in full action. According to the article, one company that has been very successful in its energy optimisation is UPM Communications Paper, with its production site in Schongau.   

The article reveals that UPM Communications Paper has been able to adjust its paper plant production according to the available renewable energy by utilising its energy flexibilities. In practice, the plant increases its energy consumption when the supply of affordable renewable energy is high and reduces its consumption when the supply is down. This new process has led to success in increasing the proportion of electricity usage from renewable sources, helping the company reach the UN climate targets.  

The key to success has been the digitalisation of their energy processes, working in close partnership with UPM Energy. Rainer Häring, Director Energy at UPM Communications Paper, states in the article that without digitalisation, corporations and private households will no longer do well in the future electricity market; unless they are willing to pay any electricity price.  

Read the full story on the Süddeutsche Zeitung website.   

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