Your company needs a fully integrated energy management system - here’s why

Story 1.2.2022 0:00 EET

UPM Energy's Beyond Spot service differs from traditional energy management solutions with its high level of flexibility and customisability. Beyond Spot integrates the various data sources relevant specifically for your company. As a result, you get reliable consumption forecasts and lower energy costs.    
As one of the biggest energy producers in Finland, we at UPM Energy have closely followed the changing energy markets. Climate change, the growing use of renewable energy, digitalization, upcoming 15-minute balance, the increasing amount of regulation and energy reporting… There are many energy-related risks for industrial companies, but opportunities as well.   

We at UPM Energy created our Beyond Spot energy optimisation service to help companies grasp the opportunities of the energy transition. The service supports a full-scale energy optimisation process: 

  • Forecasting 
  • Adapting energy usage based on flexibilities
  • Selling flexibilities in balancing and intraday markets
  • The Beyond Spot solution's core is the modern energy management tool, which can be fully integrated into your industrial automation systems and processes. In summary - a solution tailored to the needs of your company. 

IoT-native software with versatile data integration capabilities gives the flexibility to add and adjust along the way   

The operations and energy consumption patterns of every industrial company are different. Thus, when it comes to energy management solutions, one size does not fit all. That’s why we designed Beyond Spot to have a high level of flexibility. 

Most importantly, Beyond Spot's versatile data integration capabilities mean that we can securely connect the software to the various data points your company needs to have clear visibility of your energy forecasts and consumption. 

Examples of such data points are manufacturing schedules, weather data, and energy market data. The Beyond Spot energy management tool is self-learning, and thus, continuously improves the accuracy of forecasts. Thanks to the platform's flexibility, we can agilely add new data sources to it.  

"We are dealing with changing environment, which means that our solution must be able to adapt to different needs – our customers need to be able to add and adjust as we go along. That's why we have built a platform with agile IoT capabilities as the technical base of our solution." - Jukka-Pekka Häkli, UPM Energy.  

Financial gains from Beyond Spot's customisable data models  

We designed the highly customisable Beyond Spot service to create the best value for your company. It enables you to reach tremendous business benefits in multiple ways:  

  • Accurate consumption forecasts  
  • Lower energy costs 
  • New revenue from energy trading 
  • Transparency to energy consumption  

In addition to the digital service solution, our Beyond Spot customers benefit from the combined energy market and industry experience we have at UPM Energy.  

"We want to focus on building long-lasting customer relationships and aim to have a truly customer-based solution, as we believe that is the way we achieve the best long-term results." -Laura Lohi, Commercial Manager at UPM Energy.  

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